Richard Cuadra



In 1975, The Center for Attitudinal Healing was founded in Tiburon California by Gerald G. Jampolsky, M.D. a psychiatrist and a graduate of Stanford Medical School. Before the idea of the modern day ‘support group’ was conceived, Jerry started a small group with children who were all facing life threatening illness. Some were recently diagnosed while others were in remission. He thought they might be of help to each other and in the process, help heal their fears.

  Attitudinal Healing

Richard has facilitated support groups for military families, teachers, caregivers, people with life-threatening illnesses, spousal bereavement, heart surgery survivors, and people dealing with H.I.V. and suicide. In addition, he has trained facilitators from the United States, Japan, India, Mexico, Russia, England and Canada.

Richard has presented workshops at Eastern Washington University and Cancer Care Northwest in Spokane Washington, Esalen, Santa Sabina, and The Center For Attitudinal Healing in Northern California and The Hope Project and other NGO’s working with impoverished children in New Delhi India.

Richard was Program Director of the Center for Attitudinal Healing in Sausalito California for 10 years and a facilitator for 20 years. He worked in association with Gerald Jampolsky, MD, founder of Attitudinal Healing and author of Love Is Letting Go Of Fear.