Richard Cuadra



Richard Cuadra is a licensed Marriage Family Therapist and has been in private practice both in San Rafael and San Francisco, California for the past twenty years. He works with individuals, couples and families and offers a pyscho-spiritual approach to therapy. Richard has had extensive training and experience working with grief, death and dying, and catastrophic illness.

Richard’s approach is based on the premise that we can reclaim our innate ability to be peaceful and loving and in so doing, become more resilient, confident and less fearful in response to life’s challenges.   

It is not people or circumstances that cause us conflict and stress; rather it is our own thoughts, feelings, and attitudes toward them.

The attitude through which we see the world is a choice we make, which ultimately determines our experience. It is possible to change our minds, to shift the way we perceive ourselves and the people around us.

A shift in attitude can lead to a dramatic shift in our experience and actual outcomes.